12 tips to make the holidays sustainable 

By December 14, 2021 No Comments

‘Tis the season! New data shows that Americans generate almost 30 extra pounds of trash during the holidays each week. And 60% of people waste more during the holidays. We can change that! Time to make the holidays sustainable with these 12 easy tips from all of us here at PureCycle. Practicing sustainability during the holidays, and every other time during the year, is the only way we can protect our oceans, waterways, and environment. 

So, in this season of giving, let’s protect our environment for generations to come.  Here are some ways to be eco-friendly this holiday season: 

  1. Christmas Tree Disposal
    Check with your local community on Christmas Tree curbside pickup and drop off areas so it can be shredded or composted correctly.
  2. Save and Reuse Bows
    By reusing gift-wrapping materials such as bows and ribbons, you can help make a huge difference in holiday waste. This is an easy way to be consciously aware of your environmental footprint! 
  3. Recycle Shipping Boxes
    Those Amazon boxes aren’t going to recycle themselves! Be sure to break down boxes and place in your recycle bin for curbside pickup. Bin overflowing? Check with your community for recycle drop offs to avoid just tossing the box in the trash. 
  4. Use Light Timers and Smart Controls to Conserve Energy
    Save money AND energy this December by putting your holiday lights on a timer. Set it and forget it! Your wallet will thank you. 
  5. No Curbside Recycling? Check for Drop-offs
    No curbside recycling in your city? Check with local groups and community organizations to see if they have drop off sties for recycling. 
  6. Avoid Metallic Wrapping Paper
    Shiny gift wrap is pretty, but it’s often not recyclable. Plan to use basic paper or better yet, recycled wrapping paper or bags that can be reused. 
  7. Opt for Reusable Baking Pans 
    Avoid using disposable aluminum pans during the holidays. Instead, use durable baking pans and store your leftovers in reusable containers. 
  8. Recycle Electronics Properly
    When old technology is incorrectly disposed of, it harms our environment. Stores like Best Buy usually offer tech recycling services so be sure to check with your local retailer! 
  9. Avoid Glitter
    It gets everywhere anyway. Avoid using gift wrappings that contain glitter as it makes the paper unrecyclable. 
  10. Repurpose Holiday Cards
    What to do with all those cards you have left over? Don’t toss them. Shred the card and put it into clear ornaments to make a custom decoration for next year! 
  11. Rinse and Toss
    Don’t forget to rinse out your eggnog jugs before you toss them in the recycle bin! For now, food containments make it hard for them to be recycled. (But, with PureCycle that won’t be a problem in the future) 
  12.  Leave the Bag, Take the Recyclables (to the bin, that is)
    It may seem neater to put your recyclables in a bag before taking them to the bin but bagging them makes it more difficult for them to be recycled.